world fantasy schedule

World Fantasy Convention is this week, and while it's mostly a professional sort of event where I see lots of friends and do lots of business over drinks, some fans and newer writers do attend. It's a great spot to get a handle on the Fantasy genre as a whole, from story to selling.

My schedule is light so far (generally attendees get one spot of programming or a reading) but it tends to fill up. And if you're just in the DC area, feel free to look for me in the hotel bar. I'll be there when I'm not attending programming or other meetings. Mostly the evenings are about parties, but I have some readings I want to hit and we tend to slip in and out of the bar all night, too.

Wednesday late afternoon arrival. My first stop after getting settled is the bar and I might've agreed to dinner with someone but I've forgotten who so if it's you, find me there.

Thursday is blessedly free, though I'll go to some programming. I might find a buddy and sneak      away to the city. Never been to DC.

Friday Agency Dinner off-site
Friday 8ish MASS SIGNING
            My publisher says they'll have books for me to sell.
            Plus: swag
            Double Plus: ME!

Saturday 8:30-10 am SFWA meeting
Saturday 2-3 NIGHT SHADE TABLE signing/appearance

Sunday Home, but not until mid-afternoon so I'll be hanging out.
Sunday night collapse

milehicon wrapup

I had a lot of fun at MileHiCon this past weekend. It was a bit different this year because I had three friends along for a mommy's weekend (2 of them sf con virgins). They had fun too, I think!

Friday Night I sat next to Michael Swanwick a the big signing and he was wonderful. I learned a lot just watching him connect with fans, and had some great bar chats with other writers, readers, and friends later that night. I love chatting at cons.

I enjoyed the Obligation vs Opportunity panel on Saturday. We talked about tackling -isms and diversity and issues and theme vs story. I mentioned that prejudice is a running theme in the SEVEN EYES series, and how writing about these issues can help writers sort them out for ourselves. (clue: I do feel strongly that Story comes first though!) I had some good chats with writers afterward, too. That night my friends and I hung out with Patrick Hester and Jeanne Stein. 

On Sunday, the reading went well. I read the first part of Chapter 2 of EMISSARY, which is a fight scene. I thought it would be more exciting for a Sunday morning. Carol Berg's story "Seeds" in the new BLACKGUARDS anthology is excellent! Then I talked about Supernatural with Aaron Michael Ritchey, M. Likiss and 15 fans of the show. We had fun discussing the themes of the show and debating Sam vs Dean. (Several people chose Castiel.)

I finished up with a panel on combat. With two veterans and an active duty Air Force officer on the panel I was pretty well "outgunned." (see what I did there?) I did mention rednecks once and cringed afterward; I have some work to do in the prejudice/stereotype department myself. I finished out the day with some excellent card tricks from Peter Wacks.

Today I came back to pretty much a terrible, no good, awful Monday, and I'm hiding in ENEMY until future notice. I will be at World Fantasy, so more on that later.

upcoming cons

Mile Hi Con is October 24th-26th in Denver. Here's the schedule here if any y'all are going. 
Friday Evening: Autograph Alley
Saturday 1-2  Obligation vs Opportunity: Tackling issues in SFF
Sunday 10 Reading (EMISSARY) w/ Carol Berg (DUST AND LIGHT)
Sunday 11- 12 Supernatural Fan Forum
Sunday 2-3 Combat in SF&F
November 5-9 I'll be at World Fantasy Convention in Washington D.C. I've got word I'll be on programming and details are forthcoming.

WFC finishes my 2014 appearances. Next year is in the planning stages. I do have a book coming out, EMISSARY February 3, 2015, squeee! The cover pictured is just a placeholder, btw. I've seen the pencils and it's gonna be awesome.

the book cellar

I'm happy to add THE BOOK CELLAR, another indie bookstore, to my list on my site, and they do carry EXILE :) I stopped in Saturday before lunch out (in cutoffs and my oldest sweatshirt--inside out. soooo professional) and signed and had a great chat with them. Nice folks with lots o' books!!

They're in Louisville Colorado on Main Street near lots of good bars and restaurants. :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention a recent happy review of EXILE.

newsflash: yoga pants are comfortable

Read the link: A really important article about slut shaming and dress codes. 

This is why when I see ridiculous dress codes, or ones enforced randomly (or not so random, but against girls who are generally more developed than others because kids grow at different rates) I get so infuriated.

Dress codes and enforcement send horrible messaging to ALL KIDS:

1. Boys can't help themselves. Ergo they have zero responsibility.
2. It's up to girls to police both sexes. Even though it's damned impossible to control someone else.
3. It's girls' fault if something bad happens/they asked for it with their attire.
4. Sex is something that is given--not in a loving, healthy way, but in a controlling way.
5. Girls are here on earth to please boys/men.
6. Girls have an obligation to please boys/men in all ways.
7. Boys' experiences in school is more important than girls' experiences.
8. Girls should feel ashamed of their bodies if they're too sexy/not sexy enough... also, that however their bodies do/n't please men and boys at the right time should shame them. They should try to figure out what boys/men want at any given time.
9. An extremely damaging focus on the body rather than the mind.
10. Girls' needs and wants and self expression are secondary to boys/men's needs and wants.

Dress codes are reactionary and lazy, enforcing them after the fact or denying (usually a girl) access to a school event because of her clothes is unfair and accomplishes nothing but hurt and embarrassment. Here's another newsflash: Teenage boys AND girls think about sex. A lot. Part of growing up is to learn how to control those sometimes overwhelming desires. So I respectfully submit to schools struggling with dress codes, how about y'all do what you do best? TEACH.

How about classes for girls teaching them self-control is exactly that: SELF - control. And that women are not on this earth for males. That everybody's brains and emotions and self expression are important and valid. And that nothing others do or think has to do with their dress, behavior, or them at all. That she is responsible for the behavior of one person: HERSELF.

How about classes for boys teaching them self-control is exactly that: SELF - control. And that women are not on this earth for males. That everybody's brains and emotions and self expression are important and valid. And that nothing others do or think has to do with their dress, behavior, or them at all. That he is responsible for the behavior of one person: HIMSELF.

Might be a start.
Saturday I'll be at The Book Bar with Carol Berg for a happy hour from 5-6 (or longer, depending).

She has a new book out called DUST AND LIGHT, which I've started. It's typical Carol: fabulous voice and world and character and language wrapped up in a gooey mess of plot. It's the sort of book that has so many delicious calories you don't even care if you get fat from it.

EXILE and maybe some others of my books will be for sale as well.

C'mon down and let's chat, shall we? Oh, and drinks are half price!

Book Bar Happy Hour
5 pm Saturday
4280 Tennyson St.
Colorado 80212

calendar, er, adjustment

I've added a new appearance to a fairly busy fall: happy hour at the Book Bar in Denver on September 13. I'm going to be there with Carol Berg, one of my favorite people and writers, and her book just happens to come out the month after EXILE's paperback.

I'll pimp more later but you can get in on the action by penciling this onto your calendar. Because BOOKS! FANTASY BOOKS!!

There will be half-priced drinks, too. Just sayin.

Can't remember if I mentioned I added MALCon to my schedule too. That's in August. I've never been so we'll just see how I like it. (disclaimer: I expect to like it very much)

Tour Page for deets. Checkit.

Also there's that Goodreads Giveaway of EXILE still going on until my BIRTHDAY!!

Okay, back to work. It's a #10KBAM week.