skiffy and fanty interview

I had so much fun talking to Paul and Shaun at Skiffy and Fanty the other night, and the interview is already up! We talk about Emissary, fight scenes, writing women, politics, and editing, among other things.


Fantasy Fights 7 SF Room 2

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Objectification in SF 2 Saturday SF Room 2
Pro tips: Word Counts 4 Saturday SF Room 1

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Geek parenting 11 Sunday SF Room 1

Otherwise at the bar and parties. I'm wearing lace. I'll look innocent. It'll be awesome.

a few notes

I've submitted items for auction at Con or Bust. When I get links and deets they'll post here and everywhere. Con or Bust helps support diversity at cons. You can read more about it here. You also can submit items for auction too!

I'm going to be at Mary Robinette Kowel's blog today talking about my favorite bit of Emissary.

I've gotten contacted by a few folks looking for Emissary in B&N. I've been told by stores they are ordered, but scheduled a bit late? No idea why... we'll see what happens. It does help to ask; it helps me and it helps the book and it helps you get the book. :)

I had a thing happen last night. Briefly met a hardwood floor guy (we're doing lots o' remodeling this summer so expect bitching and moaning until it's finished; I'm a homebody) and he was not white. The event is rare enough here where I live (I don't have demographics, but seriously, I go actual days without seeing a POC) and I instantly had this surreal urge to give him the business. He also was young, and I like to support both. But what's strange, and kind of wonderful, is that I had the sense of sea-tide in my thinking and habits, which means brain chemistry. I spend a lot of time talking diversity, right? So my brain is getting trained to spot it and encourage it. You can change your thinking, your literal frame of mind, just by practice. I've done it before on purpose. But this time there's not been much meta-cognition around it; it's just happening. Cool. Actually, for me, it felt a bit like stretching and contracting muscle memory. Because I used to work with diverse kids so much and I lived in a prejudiced area, I had to acknowledge and overcome (to my best ability) my own prejudices.

And a final note: I get a METRIC SHIT TON of requests to support kickstarters and the like, both requests for financial support and publicity. I very rarely do either, and it's my choice when I do. Being asked almost guarantees a no unless we are good analog friends and I get so many requests there's no way for me support even half or a quarter of them. And honestly, I'm not sure I'm all into the public backing gig. I'm not against it, per se, but something about it rubs me wrong and I haven't had time nor inclination to dig into why. I just tend to leave it at, "It works for others. Cool." Anyway, I suppose I should start a policy page or something.

Last note, for realz, I am planning on revamping and moving the website at some point this year, so there hasn't been a ton of updating and probably won't be.

places i have been lately

I don't know what happened to this week! I've spent less time at my desk than any other week of the year; most of my social media has happened on my phone in the car, in store queues, or in waiting rooms. I know I'm remiss in mentioning some places I've appeared, so if you're interested in reading some of my ideas on various Things, here it is.

First: thank you!! to all the folks saying nice things about Emissary, particularly Paul Weimer of SF Signal, whose opinion I greatly value. I've gotten a few friendly notes too, and the first review was a happy one. That readers are enjoying it delights me no end. Paul interviewed me here about Emissary, Akrasia, and what's next.

As I mentioned before, thanks very much to John Scalzi for hosting me on Big Idea at Whatever, wherein I talk about how hard it is to go home again and my cover gets taken to task by, um, "barking trolls" for being "sexist" since Draken doesn't have a shirt on. All in good fun, I guess, though I'd just as soon keep the focus on my story. I imagine most of those folks speaking out would feel the same if it were their project that they'd poured heart and soul into for over two years. The funny-odd-haha thing is two years ago my piece on Exile got taken to task for a few words I used by some folks on the opposite side of social equality. Their point was taken and we all moved on with our lives. I also discussed the cover on Twitter with Paul and Courtney Shaffer. A summary amounts to We admit to not knowing much about designing covers and my tweet

"Bare-chested is culturally accurate for the Brinians. Story accurate would be him blood-splattered and beat up."
I do so love the smell of irony in the morning.

Bibliotropic asked me to talk about worldbuilding in Akrasia. They've been avid supporters of my books and it means a lot.

I talked about the Five Things I Learned over at Chuck Wendig's blog. He is also going to appear at Anomalycon next year and I look forward to hanging out with him there and maybe at WorldCon. Sweetheart of a guy, Chuck.

I talked about Anti-heros at Adventures in SF Publishing.

The Quillery interviewed me about Draken and character and a favorite topic: obligation vs opportunity in addressing social issues in fantasy.

I'm sure there's more that I've missed but this will get you started.

As for Hugogate:, Yes, I have thoughts. Probably not very interesting ones.

goodreads giveaway for emissary





big idea

Today I'm over at Whatever's Big Idea talking about EMISSARY, of course. Thanks John Scalzi for hosting me again! 

emissary is off and running



This is a book long in the making. More than two years of writing and editing and planning. I'm already hearing happy responses which makes me deliriously thrilled.

Kirkus mentioned it in its "Best SF/F/Horror reads for April" List:
Emissary by Betsy Dornbusch
WHAT IT'S ABOUT: A religious uprising in the peaceful land of Monoea threatens its ruler, Draken, and his new Queen, thus forcing Draken to return to his homeland. 
WHY YOU MIGHT LIKE IT: The plot one-ups itself by introducing a twist that reveals ulterior motives with much more devious intentions.
You can buy Emissary anywhere, but here is a list of some of my favorite places.

There will be lots of guest blog posts and interviews in the coming days about the book and how I wrote it  and what I like about it and about other things I think in the coming days. For today I'm happy because I have pretty new books floating around the house and people are telling me they're excited about it and my stomach is all fluttery because I do love the story so much and I really hope you do too!

Thanks to all my 
the professional team around Emissary 
and especially to readers, who are the best of the best!